Current Events

There is currently a weekly club night hosted every Wednesday at:

The Cornerstone, St Johns Church, 1A Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2AB

Where we provide tables for people to play on, introductions to games that you may have not tried before as well as space for you to bring your own game should you want to run your own campaign. Alternatively, you could always drop in on an already running campaign and see what you think.

Future Events

There are plans for some painting competitions in the future, where we will encourage you to bring along your painted models to showcase your skills as well and see other painters interpretations of their models and characters. Who knows you may even pick up a tip or two from fellow enthusiasts along the way.

There will be an announcement closer to the time, pertaining to a planned competition in the Cornerstone, details of what this will entail will be uploaded in the near future.

We aim to run occasional campaigns across different games at some point soon, potential guest DM’S or campaign masters will also be available, so keep your eyes and ears ready for when those competitions may be and feel free to come along.


We also raise funds for other charitable organisations such as:

British Heart Foundation

Sick Kids

Cancer research

Help the Heroes

Save the Children

Plus other charities and causes that are dear to our community.