Welcome to the Ark


What is the Ark?

The Ark is a charity group that aim to provide recreational facilities for their local community.

They promote inclusiveness, equality, diversity and a strong sense of acceptance within the organisation, which is achieved by offering a safe and positive space for both individuals and groups to come together to enjoy their similar tastes in tabletop gaming and related social activities.

Be you young or young at heart, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. By focusing on the medium of board games, tabletop gaming, role-playing and any other related social gaming activities.

The charity aims to raise support and funding for the groups by hosting charitable events for the gaming community, as well as regular raffles on the website. This funding is then used to provide the local community with space to play, tables to play on, new games to try out and ready-made terrains for use.

This enables us to help remove the barrier that some people face when it comes to getting into tabletop gaming, whatever that barrier may be, with our ability to provide the resources, we enable anyone with an interest to give it a try.

Current Events

Have been on hold due to covid we hope to return as soon as we are able.

Tables and terrain are provided for people to play on, introductions to games that you may have not tried before as well as space for you to bring your own game should you want to run your own campaign.  Alternatively, you could always drop in on an already running campaign and see what you think.

Future Events

We aim to also run regular competition and occasional campaigns across different games at this point, so keep your eyes and ears ready for when those competitions may be, and feel free to come along.

We seek once Covid restrictions ease to support activities and games evenings aimed at accommodating Children and young people promoting social gameplay.

Charitable events

We intend to run activities to raise funds for other charitable organisations such as:

British Heart Foundation

Sick Kids

Cancer research

Help the Heroes

Save the Children

Plus other charities and causes that are dear to our community.